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Hi, we’re running Aerospike Community Edition build and have a node that has only 5% free while others have 30%. How do I go about making some of the data move to the free node? I did some reading and I seen it said I could change the Node-ID, but that’s only supported in a newer version.

Yes, changing the node-id will “re-roll the dice” for that nodes partitions. The partitioning algorithm is deterministic based on the node-ids in the cluster. So you would need to upgrade.

Note that Enterprise has supported a prefer-uniform-balance since 4.3 and as of 4.7 it is on by default in Enterprise. Community users will still need to “re-roll the dice” with the node-ids. Clustering algorithms are much better in 3.13/4.x and there have been significant storage improvements in 4.x that will reduce the amount of storage your nodes are using. is well beyond our supported versions.

OK, thank you for the reply. We’re on and old version that I guess you can’t change the node-id on

Node-ids were made configurable in 3.16.

I think the fabric port also has something to do with the node-id and you might be able to change that to change the generated node-id

We ended up just lowering the disk HWM for that host. That then caused the evictions to get us space. That one host had HWM set at 85 while the others were set at 75. That makes since why we had issues with that one.

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