Multiple rows delete: how to write a delete query

That’s interesting, thanks for testing at your end Piyush. We are using “admin” account in our case and it has read-write role (I believe it is super set to write role).

User:         admin
Config File:  /etc/aerospike/astools.conf /home/aerospike/.aerospike/astools.conf
Enter Password:
Aerospike Query Client
Version 3.23.0
C Client Version 4.6.9
Copyright 2012-2019 Aerospike. All rights reserved.
aql> show users
| user    | roles                                               |
| "admin" | "read-write, read-write-udf, sys-admin, user-admin" |
| "test"  | "read-write"                                        |
| "test2" | "user-admin"                                        |
3 rows in set (0.001 secs)

Sequence of events that were performed,

  • Initially Inserted a record in set - testset
  • Truncated the testset
  • Re -inserted the the same record in same set.
  • Restored namespace from a backup using asrestore

Do you think any of above is preventing us to delete the record? and any relation?