Predicate query

My set looks like the following

               <uidx, card1, card2, card3 ....> 

The card bins has values of the following structure

        {endtime:1662772, data: "xyz "}

So each card bin has a datatype of map

Now i want to query a record which has a uidx = “123” , and enTime in all of the card bins is greater then current time

Is it possible with predicate query ?

Are the total card bin names fixed and common for all the records?

Yes … Like there can be 50 cards and a record can have bins for any of the 50 cards

Presently, as of Aerospike 5.0, I do not believe this query is possible. There are efforts currently in progress that will expand predicate expressions. I believe this will be possible with new upcoming predexp changes.

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