Remove one node from cluster with replication factor 1


Could anybody prompt me, please? Is it possible to remove one node from the cluster with replication factor 1 without lost data? What is the best solution to do it? Aspike - isn’t the enterprise version.

Thanks in advance.

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Enterprise has quiesce which allows you to move a node out of the replica list which would allow removing a node from a replication factor 1 cluster without data loss.

Community doesn’t have this feature, so you will need to maintain more than one replica if you want to perform these actions without data loss.

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You could run asbackup -l <nodeip:port> -n <namespace> -o <filename> on that host to take a backup… then after you take it down, restore that data to the cluster. You’d potentially lose any updates made while the backup was ongoing, and lose reads/update while the data was unavailable. Depending on the nature of your data, that’s your call to make.

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