Scan Query : com.aerospike.client.AerospikeException: Error Code 4: Parameter error

Thanks for the reply Brian. Good point about the maxRetries. Regarding 2, I am still a little unclear- I went over Understanding Timeout and Retry policies And my understanding of the document says, that the socketTimeOut and the totalTimeOut are client side properties. I set both of these to 0 (i.e. infinite). This should mean that the issues we are seeing are related to server timeouts (the hypothesis of not getting requests from the client) - Any idea on how to control this timeout? I took a look at Configuration Reference | Aerospike Documentation and the only relevant config parameter I could see was transaction-max-ms But this is not it, because according to documentation: “Transactions taking longer than this time (or the time specified in the client polity) will return a timeout and tick the client_tsvc_timeout metric.” I do not see this in the server logs.

Any pointers in troubleshooting more will be very helpful.