A few doubts about the open source version and upgrading

All right, so we are about to build Aerospike from source and we were wondering what limitations exist. We looked up the edition differences and we understood that our cluster can have a maximum size of 8 nodes. But I don’t understand the limitations on the number of keys. Say I have a cluster of 8 nodes, and I only have one namespace. How many keys can I store? The guide says that there are a theoretical maximum of 2^32 keys per node per namespace. Since we have 8 nodes does that mean we will have 8x2^32 keys at a maximum? Also, if I upgrade from open source to an Enterprise version, how would I go about upgrading it? It would be great if we could get answers on these to make Aerospike our final decision for our database system.

Upgrading to enterprise would just consist of getting a feature key and downloading the package and installing it just as you would with CE. https://www.aerospike.com/forms/contact-us/ would be the place to contact sales on enterprise licensing

What about this?

Think you are correct, but I’ve never gotten close to that personally.

Well we kind of will, so we have to be sure. Are you sure that’s the limit then? i.e 8x2^32 keys for 8 nodes?

No I’m not sure. One of the staff might reply though. I always go to enterprise support for those sure-thing answers :slight_smile:

Also, does 8 nodes also include the replicas or just the masters?

Oh thats not how aerospike works. All nodes hold replicas and masters, so its total. And you’d have to plan to be able to lose a node during maintenance. at least one…

Ah right, well looks like we’ll have to upgrade to enterprise. Since, we need quite a number of replicas, i.e. to keep the system HA

They’re one of the more affordable products we license. The support staff is AMAZING too.


All objects (e.g. master or replica) count towards the 2^32 max objects per node. With 8 nodes you can store up to 2^32 * 8 in CE. By changing the index-stage-size, Aerospike Enterprise can reach 2^39 records per node.

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