About of aerospike XDR configurations

Hi guys:

i am migrating aerospike cluster , the old cluster have six nodes, the new cluster have five nodes.

I want to synchronize the two clusters via XDR.

However i have 40 billion on old cluster. has been sync 4 days or so, only sync 10 billion on new cluster.

and lag is 0 via aerospike xdr log. it`s really weird.

so i suspicion myself.

i do not know i configure is right. would you help me check ?

1、asinfo -v "set-config:context=xdr;dc=new-dc;action=create"
2、asinfo -v 'set-config:context=xdr;dc=new-dc;node-address-port=;action=add'
3、asinfo -v 'set-config:context=xdr;dc=new-dc;node-address-port=;namespace=ssd_user;action=add;rewind=all'

the is one of new cluster node.

I have previously migrated a cluster of 6 nodes through XDR. Each node has a one-to-one correspondence.

For example, node A of the old cluster corresponds to node A of the new cluster.

But this time the number of nodes in the two clusters is different, and I am not sure if I am doing this correctly. I hope you can give some help and suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

This probably requires looking into the details from config and logs. Since XDR is an enterprise feature, I would suggest filing a Support ticket, and they would suggest a solution.

Hard to guess without log files… If you did have records that were written by an XDR client on this cluster, the rewind option would not ship those by default (you would have to leverage the forward configuration). You could also of course force those records to ship by touching them – see How to Migrate Aerospike from one Cluster to Another.

thanks for your reply

got it,

this doc is very helpful to me

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