About organize aerospike by DNS

Can I use domains as follow to orgranize aerospike cluster? mesh-seed-address-port aerospike-0 3002 mesh-seed-address-port aerospike-1 3002 mesh-seed-address-port aerospike-0 3002 And if the domain’s IP address changed sometimes,is there any trouble in my cluster?

Yes, you can use domains.

I don’t think this is a mode we test. I suspect it would be a problem though. This could get really messy if two nodes somehow swapped IP addresses.

I do not mean that two nodes exchange their IP address,like aerospike-0,aerospike-1 aerospike-2 => aerospike-0,aerospike-1 aerospike-2。I suppose the case that aerospike-0,aerospike-1 aerospike-2 => aerospike-0,aerospike-1 aerospike-2 season why I suppose that case is that I want to deploy aerospike cluster in kubernates using stateful sets.The character of stateful sets is that the domains in cluster nodes can be not changed,but the node(container)'s IP maybe changed when the pod mirgration happended.

No, changing IP addresses would require a node restart.