Aerospike receives SIGSEGV

Hi All,

So we are using Aerospike as a repository for data, as a cache over HTTP Services, with a TTL. Pretty conventional.

Till now we were using it in non-persistence mode, and everything was working fine. Few days back, we tried to move to persistence mode. Please see all findings below, I am listing everything so that the Aerospike team can help us out with whatever they can grab.

We use the community version

We have some services which well exceed the 1MB limit of Aerospike. So, first we compress data, and then put it in. One of our services is over 55MB of data, so we create chunks overselves into bins, and store the same.

We have ‘ldt-enabled true’ in server config, but dont use it as of now.

We get an error ‘WARNING : Can’t get namespace from AS_MSG (peeked 99 bytes) ~~ Using default thr_demarshal arena.’ After this comes a SIGSEGV Error and aerospike shuts down.

We dont any configuration defined for ‘data in-memory’ , it takes the default of on disk permission

Really need help on this, and let me know in case anything is required from me.



Aditya Arora

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