Aerospike and Node.js on windows VM


I’m on windows so I’ve got my Virtual Box with Centos and Aerospike all running nicely. I can’t run node from windows though due to the aerospike node.js module dependency. I’ll therefore need to switch my node development to Centos but as a windows person my knowledge here on linux setup is poor. Centos has no GUI as provided so I tried this - I got stuck at step 2 as the file is readonly though…

Could any linux experts point me in the right direction please ? :smile:


Are you trying to edit the file as root ? /etc/inittab can only be edited by root user (or as a user with sudo capabilities).

Ah yes. Silly me. I’ve got the file edited now and saved.

(for any windows readers a ‘sudo’ prefix is required to act as root and ‘:wq’ saves the file).

‘sudo init 6’ was used to reboot the machine. (I’m not convinced it actually did). I rebooted via Virtualbox anyway and have confirmed the file is correctly saved but still no GUI.

Would it be possible to add a Vagrant box with a GUI, node and aerospike for windows users to use. I’m going no where with this at the moment … :frowning:


I’ll look into this and see what I can do.


Are you currently running Aerospike on Vagrant as described here:

or do you use a fresh image on virtual box?

For a fresh image on virtual box, you can download the desktop iso for either Ubuntu or Centos and install Aerospike following one of these links.