Aerospike Cloud

I get an error when I log in to Aerospike Cloud. I would like it to be resolved. Also, even if I log in and specify an organization, I cannot register.

Hi OguraJunichi,

I’m seeing the same issues you are. Our team is now looking in to the issue. I’ll follow-up here when it has been resolved.

Thanks, Eric

I was facing that issue. I was able to sign in by refreshing a bunch of times. But now I get this error on my dashboard.

Hi Dhruv,

Thanks for posting. We should have a fix out shortly to address the registration issue and we’ll take a look at your user as well to make sure everything is working.

Thanks for your patience! Eric

If you enter the organization and proceed to the next step, the following error will occur.

OguraJunichi and Dhruv_Anand - the team has released fixes to production to address the registration issues.

Can you try logging out completely and then signing in again to see it that resolves the issue?

If you are still unable to get in, can you email me at and we can look at your individual user and make any necessary fixes.

Thank you for your patience as we get this resolved. Eric

Even if I completely log out, the issue remains the same. Please take action.