Aerospike -community server 3.14.0 version

Hi I have upgraded aerospike -community server 3.14.0 version from 3.12.1 due to some issue in set-deletion in 3.12.1. In this version any possible to delete sets and data properly both SSD/DRAM please give some suggestion for this

Truncate is the best way to delete data. If you’re looking to delete the set(s) themselves, you will need to do a rolling cold-start across the cluster once the set(s) is/are empty. It’s best to simply leave the sets there, empty, and eventually you will end up removing them due to coldstart at some point from some other maintenance - unless its causing you some kind of issue. Are you reaching the limit of sets, or do you have some reason that you need to actually remove the set completely?

The truncate command @Albot mentioned is only durable on Enterprise. Excerpt from link provided by @Albot follows:

In Enterprise Edition, truncation is preserved through a cold-restart. In Community Edition, similar to record deletes, records in previously truncated sets can return through a cold-start.

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