Aerospike Connect for Presto - Trino 1.5.0 (October 24, 2021)

Aerospike Connect for Presto - Trino version 1.5.0 was released on October 24, 2021.

  • A bug affecting this version of the Trino Connector has been identified, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Aerospike Connect for Trino 1.6.0 at the earliest opportunity.

  • Trino 1.5.0 - Supported until January 24th, 2023.

  • If you are using Trino (formerly known as PrestoSQL), ensure that you are using a compatible version of the the Presto connector. Refer to the Prerequisites.

New Features

  • [CONNECTOR-299] - Add Audit Trail capability.
  • [CONNECTOR-300] - Add record’s digest as a column.
  • Upgrade Aerospike Java client to 5.1.8 .
  • Upgrade Trino to 363 .

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Filter Expressions for primary keys.