Aerospike crash with telemetry disabled


Hi All,

I am using aerospike version on ubuntu 16.04. i configured paxos mesh networking and other configuration. all seems fine and service started properly with out any issue.

than i stopped aerospike service and after disabled telemetry service with below mentioned command.

sudo python /opt/aerospike/telemetry/ /etc/aerospike/telemetry.conf --disable

after aerospike service unable to start and giving me exception.

sudo[2414]:   ubuntu : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/etc/aerospike ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/systemctl start aerospike
systemd[1]: Starting Aerospike Server...
systemd[1]: Started Aerospike Telemetry Agent.
systemd[1]: Started Aerospike Server.[2427]: * starting telemetry[2427]: [07-27 11:42:31] p2427 INFO: ( Aerospike Telemetry Agent 1.0.5 initialized.[2427]: [07-27 11:42:31] p2427 INFO: ( Starting to phone home.[2427]: [07-27 11:42:31] p2427 INFO: ( Options =[2427]: {'cafile': 'None',[2427]:  'config-file': '/etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf',[2427]:  'disable': True,[2427]:  'email': 'None',[2427]:  'fgdaemon': True,[2427]:  'group': 'aerospike',[2427]:  'home-url': '',[2427]:  'interval': 600.0,[2427]:  'logfile': '/var/log/aerospike/telemetry.log',[2427]:  'loglevel': 'info',[2427]:  'proxy': 'None',[2427]:  'sample': 'False',[2427]:  'user': 'aerospike'}[2427]: [07-27 11:42:31] p2427 INFO: ( Using HTTPS proxy: None[2427]: [07-27 11:42:31] p2427 INFO: ( Using CA file: None[2427]: Traceback (most recent call last):[2427]:   File "/opt/aerospike/telemetry/", line 148, in <module>[2427]:     daemon.start()[2427]:   File "/opt/aerospike/telemetry/daemon/", line 139, in start[2427]:[2427]:   File "/opt/aerospike/telemetry/", line 142, in run_patch[2427]:     run(opts)[2427]:   File "/opt/aerospike/telemetry/phonehome/", line 62, in run[2427]:     telemetry_agent = TelemetryAgent(options)[2427]:   File "/opt/aerospike/telemetry/phonehome/", line 22, in __init__[2427]:     self.homeConnection = HomeLine(options['home-url'] + homeUrlPath, options['proxy'], options['cafile'])[2427]:   File "/opt/aerospike/telemetry/phonehome/", line 21, in __init__[2427]:     ctx.load_verify_locations(cafile = cafile)[2427]: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
systemd[1]: aerospike_telemetry.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
systemd[1]: aerospike_telemetry.service: Unit entered failed state.
systemd[1]: aerospike_telemetry.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

To identry root cause i enabled telemetry service again with below mentioned command.

sudo python /opt/aerospike/telemetry/ /etc/aerospike/telemetry.conf --enable
Configuration file [/etc/aerospike/telemetry.conf] successfully changed.

and started aerospike service again. that started successfully. any one aware about the situation. due to some reasons i need to disable this service. on previous version 3.10.x version this not causing any issue.

thanks in advance.

Regards, Laxman