Aerospike DB adapter for ErlyORM (BossDB): could any Erlang programmers take a look?


Off late, developer community seems to be figuring out that along with the framework, the underlying core has a great amount impact on the scalability and robustness of any application. ([1] - a thread on HN around this topic) And thus, more developers are keen on exploring erlang based solutions. The web stack is already being catered to by elixir (, complemented by a good framework ( replete with an ORM ( using which, one can truly realize the dreams of building a toolstack that would help developers utilize the multi-core platforms to their fullest with great advantages in terms of deployment, maintainability and developer productivity.

Now, having seen the awesomeness of Aerospike and what it can achieve, I believe coupling that with a stack comprising [ Elixir, ChicagoBoss, BossDB, ErlyORM, ErlyDTL ] would only result in further sheer awesomeness. Extending this further with (a proper!) PaaS/IaaS strategy, building/deploying/scaling web-scale apps would be a true delight. (when done the right way, of course!)

Checking the development on ErlyORM, , it can be seen that it has already amassed a good amount of following and development. In this sense, an adapter for Aerospike ([2] has the details) to BossDB would make it possible for developers to benefit from best of both worlds.

Any Erlang programmers at Aerospike, that could take a look at this? I am a beginner with Erlang, and I would also be exploring this in parallel, in my free time.










Does look interesting. Welcome community comments and contribution!