Aerospike end of support dates

Is there any document/tech note available which shows the end of life/support date for each Aerospike Server version? if so, it would be a great help to plan upgrades ahead of time.

The supported versions are Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition (Community Edition doesn’t have support). If you are a customer, you can open a support ticket for this information.

We are using enterprise edition only. What I found difficulty with Aerospike documentation is there is no information available on end of life support for older versions unlike other vendor does clearly. This is helping us to plan ahead for migrations.

The standard terms for the Enterprise Edition are listed on the Premium Support Terms page. The standard maintenance window is:

Release will be supported by Aerospike only for a period of twelve (12) months after release of the subsequent release.

For example, for version 5.6, it would be 12 month from the point 5.7 is released… so, typically around 15 month or so given a quarterly release cadence.

I agree with you, though, that this is not clear and should be more explicit. It will hopefully improve in the future.

Thanks Meher for EOL details. This helps!

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