Aerospike Exception



We are using Aerospike cluster of 3 nodes with replication=2 for the Namespace.

Whenever we restart a single node in cluster the java client start throwing below exception:

com.aerospike.client.AerospikeException$Timeout: Client timeout: timeout=10000 iterations=1 
failedNodes=0 failedConns=0

Ideally if my 2 nodes are up, it should not throw this exception, as replica copy is still there.



When you bring a server down, Aerospike doesn’t really do this gracefully. It’s the same as suddenly losing a server. Couple of questions to help you from here:

  • Are you experiencing issues even after the server goes down (server down time + 3 seconds)?

  • What type of call is throwing timeout? Read? Write? Query?


Yes Albot, we were experiencing the issue even after server went down ( i have restarted the server but it took 15 mins to join in the cluster, due to rebalancing the data)

We were getting the errors for write.


Rebalance doesn’t prevent a node from joining the cluster (in fact you cannot rebalance without being in a cluster). I believe you meant loading data from disk.


Right , Agree with you, it was loading the data