Aerospike Expressions - Search list items by regex

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We are migrating from our old aerospike version to version This involves the migration from aerospike-client-go v4.5.2+incompatible to aerospike-client-go/v6 v6.6.0. Predicate Expressions (PredExp) have been deprecated since Aerospike Database 5.2. They were removed in Aerospike Database 6.0. So we have to move to Aerospike Expressions.

We have a bin with a string-list in it. And we want to do a search with a “begins-with” pattern. In the old world, we do that with following code:


Following examples will search vor exact value:

// As filter inside statement
as.NewContainsFilter("ListField", as.ICT_LIST, "search_term")

// As FilterExpression on query-policy

But how can we achive a “begins-with-search” with the new Aerospike Expressions?


For more background-info, this is the db-setup:

We have following model which is getting stored inside aerospike:

type MyModel struct {
    ListField []string

And following secondary index: Index name: idx_MYSET_ListField / namespace: myns / set: MYSET / bin: ListField / bin: string / index: list / State: RW

And if I read a sample record over aql:

aql> select PK,ListField from myns.MYSET where PK = 12345
| PK | ListField |
| 12345 | LIST('["myid:1234", "testid2", "some-other-value"]') |

See Thread on Stackoverflow: go - How to search list items by regex with Aerospike Expressions - Stack Overflow

Expressions do not support iteration over lists or maps. The list and map APIs normally provide functionality that would solve the use-cases using the iteration provided by the old predexp. This is the first use-case I’ve come across that used iteration in a way that cannot be replicated with the list/map APIs.

As of 6.3, the only way to replicate this behavior may be to use a Stream UDF.