Aerospike for very high rate of updates

I have a usecase where a store has ~20 million records and have ~1 million updates. I would want to know the benchmarks and if aerospike is can handle this, while having Strong Consistency?

You have not specified the update rate so your question is not well-formed. You have also not specified the record characteristics (#bins, size, etc), or the characteristics of the Aerospike cluster. Depending on the values of these parameters (and many others) the answer is likely yes: 20M is a fairly small record count, and if you mean 1M updates/sec, that is well within the capabilities of modern hardware. For a more accurate assessment, the Aerospike benchmark program (asbenchmark) can help answer your questions. You will need the Enterprise Edition since you are using strong consistency. To use asbenchmark, you will need to perform several steps:

  • stand up an Aerospike EE cluster (≥1 nodes)
  • configure a namespace with strong consistency enabled
  • define your record characteristics (-B, -o asbenchmark options)
  • define number of records (-k)
  • define workload (-w)

asbenchmark has a learning curve, but not a terribly steep one. For an example like this a couple of days effort should suffice.

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