Aerospike java mock server for unit testing


Hi all, Is there a Aerospike java mock server for unit testing? It’s can be vary help full for the development processes



Nope, there is no mock Aerospike server for development.

But what I do is run a Linux VM in Virtual Box. It share the same IP address as the host operating system and the same file system. So it like running natively.

Follow these instructions to the letter to install on Windows or OSX. Aerospike provides pre-made VM images that run in Virtual Box and Vagrant manages it and keeps it up to date.

Hope this helps


This is a Java wrapper over actual Aerospike Server which can be used for unit + Integration Testing. Pom is having some issue i am fixing it ASAP, please let me know if you want to use i can do it urgently. Reachable at


You can try small framework for aerospike testing with docker.