Aerospike licensing

What are the differences in the licensing after AS went to OpenSource?

Answer: See the details about OpenSource on the following page:

In summary, there are now 2 editions:

  1. the Free Open Sourced Community Edition and

  2. the Subscription-based Enterprise Edition.

The Community Edition does not have XDR (Cross-data center replication). The Enterprise version has XDR, certified builds, premium 24/7 support and fast restart (as well as hot patches).

The open source edition has no limits on cluster side, throughput, or other hardware.

The open source license is AGPL, with Apache2 clients, which has the same properties as MongoDB and Neo4j’s graph database. Like those two projects, Aerospike maintains that the use of Apache2 clients so as to not require you to put AGPL code in your application. As Mongo does, Aerospike will provide a letter, on request, which clarifies our intent in using AGPL.

Any changes to Aerospike code do need to be published in an open forum, as per the rules of AGPL v3.