Aerospike Monitoring


Dear All,

I am new into Aerospike database and recently I have joined an Organisation where we are using Aerospike database. I have to enable the Monitoring for Aerospike database. But I want to know what are the basic things that we need to Monitor such as other databases. Please suggest the key things that I need to Monitor & how ?

For Example.

Database is running or not. Listener status Database size Server & Ram Utilization Alerts & warnings etc.

Looking for your Valuable inputs.

Regards, Daulat


I recommend that you begin by reading through our monitoring guide:

As well as including guides for various monitoring tools, it also includes a set of key metrics. These ‘key metrics’ were selected as course grain signals - meaning they will indicate a potential problem but likely not specific enough to pinpoint the problem without further investigation.


An easy win for me was to ensure we monitor the % usage and cluster-size by way of logs… in the logs every 30seconds the cluster size and % utilization is printed out. Since my team already had a realtime log monitor tool it was plug and play for that simple metric at least