Aerospike nodejs client npm url


Aerospike nodejs client install in Ubuntu16.10 is generating url for ubuntu16.04.

After update and upgrade to ubuntu17 :

aerospike@2.4.1 install /opt/projects/amatyastore/node_modules/aerospike node-gyp rebuild

> make: Entering directory '/opt/projects/amatyastore/node_modules/aerospike/build'
>   TOUCH binding_gyp_aerospike_client_c_target_run_scripts_aerospike_client_c_sh.intermediate
>   ACTION binding_gyp_aerospike_client_c_target_run_scripts_aerospike_client_c_sh binding_gyp_aerospike_client_c_target_run_scripts_aerospike_client_c_sh.intermediate
> info: downloading '' to '/opt/projects


The install script may need to be updated for Ubuntu 16.10/17 (?). Could you please file an issue for this at ? Thanks!