Aerospike Rust Client Release 0.6.0 (September 11, 2020)

Aerospike Rust client version 0.6.0 was released on September 11, 2020.

This release contains an update, new features and a bug fix:

New Features

  • Big update for operations: (#79) Thanks to @jonas32!
    • Added operation contexts for nested operations.
    • Added missing list operations, list policies, and ordered lists.
    • Added missing map operations.
    • Added bitwise operations.
    • CAUTION: This is a breaking change. The policy and return types for Lists require additional parameters for the CDT op functions.

Bug Fixes

  • Shrink connection buffers to avoid unbounded memory allocation. (#83) Thanks to @soro!


  • Restrict Travis CI tests to stable/beta/nightly. (#84)
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