Aerospike Server (April 8, 2020)

Aerospike Server version was released on April 8, 2020.

This major release contains New Features, Improvements and a Bug Fix.

  • ATTENTION: As of Aerospike Server version 4.9, expirations and evictions are disabled by default.
  • The Aerospike Server will not start If the value of ‘default-ttl’ is non-zero and ‘nsup-period’ is zero (the default).
  • Support added for HyperLogLog (HLL) probabalistic data types.
    • Clusters connected using Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR) all clusters must have been upgraded to Aerospike Server 4.9 prior to using the HyperLogLog (HLL) data type.
    • Before downgrading from Aerospike Server 4.9 all HyperLogLog (HLL) bins must be removed by the application.
    • During the unlikely case of a downgrade the drives would need to be wiped. It is advised to review your Aerospike Server 4.9 environment prior to implementing the usage of HyperLogLog (HLL) data type bins.
  • Added support for:
    • Partition-based basic scans, enabling accurate scans during migrations.
    • Added a max records option for sampling with basic scans.
    • Optional element creation in nested CDT operations.
  • XDR, using ACL, in server versions between and cannot ship to this version. The simplest workaround is to avoid using those versions.
  • When upgrading the Aerospike Server refer to the Special Upgrades documentation.

Known Issues

  • Enterprise & Community
    • Record bins containing Complex Data Types (CDTs) Ordered Lists that had operations performed under Aerospike Server versions could be incompatible with server versions 4.6 or later due to stricter CDT validation. Please note that lists created with UDFs could also be marked as ordered, even if the application did not explicitly specify this. However induced the incompatibility could also block XDR shipping. The Aerospike CDT Validation Tool is available in the Aerospike Tools 3.24.1 or newer release to identify -and if possible correct- such records. Aerospike recommends the validation tool be run on all namespaces that created or modified Ordered List CDTs under a pre-4.6 server. Refer to the Aerospike CDT Validation Tool documentation for steps necessary to run the tool and interpret the output.

New Features

  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6199] - (KVS) Added support for HyperLogLog (HLL) data types.
    • [AER-5474] - (SCAN) Basic scans now based on lists of partitions and/or digests sent by client.
    • [AER-6193] - (SCAN) Added a max records option for sampling with basic scans.
    • [AER-6203] - (CDT) Added support for optional element creation in nested CDT operations.


  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6184] - (KVS) Configuring any eviction threshold (e.g. ‘high-water-memory-pct’) to 0 disables that eviction threshold.
    • [AER-6186] - (KVS) Changed eviction-related high water percentage configuration defaults to 0, so that eviction is inactive by default.
    • [AER-6187] - (KVS) Changed default value of ‘nsup-period’ to 0, and added namespace context configuration item ‘allow-ttl-without-nsup’ to allow records with TTLs when ‘nsup-period’ is 0.
    • [AER-6185] - (BATCH) Added service context configuration item ‘batch-without-digests’ to exclude digests from batch responses.
    • [AER-6209] - (NETWORK) Ignore additional addresses for an interface once the limit (20) is reached.
    • [AER-6192] - (MIGRATION) Increased metadata batch size and maximum outstanding data size limit, to help performance across longer links.
    • [AER-6191] - (LOGGING) Changed warning message about failure to resolve a mount point to a detail level message.
    • [AER-6210] - (LOGGING) Changed default logging level to ‘critical’ for all contexts.
    • [AER-6116] - (STATS) Converted ‘batch-index’ histogram to tracked histogram.
    • [AER-6183] - (STATS) Added delay count to batch-index log ticker line.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6205] - (KVS) Changed response (zlib) compression level to 1.
    • [AER-6208] - (KVS) Non-durable deletes will now ignore tombstones and return Not Found.
    • [AER-6158] - (TLS) Increased socket accept timeout to accommodate heartbeat across longer links.
    • [AER-6206] - (XDR) Changed (zlib) compression level to 1.

Bug Fixes

  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6211] - (KVS) Dynamically increasing both the system file descriptor limit and service context configuration item ‘proto-fd-max’ to a value larger than the system limit at startup may cause an assert.


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