Aerospike Server (October 1, 2020)

Aerospike Server version was released on October 1, 2020.

This major release contains a New Feature, and Improvements.

  • Support for the info command ‘latency’ has been removed and replaced with a new info command ‘latencies’ to track all latency histograms.
  • Aerospike Server version 5.1 or later requires the operating system distribution’s libcurl shared object library.
  • Before upgrading to or later, customers already running in a cluster which is an active XDR destination (i.e. an XDR destination also acting as a source XDR or that may in the future act as a source XDR), may want to consider stopping all XDR traffic to the cluster. (Enterprise Only)
    • In the unlikely case of an upgraded or newer node going down while nodes are still running, those nodes would mistakenly ship XDR writes even if forward has not been explicitly enabled.
    • Enterprise Licensees may contact Aerospike Support for any questions before upgrading.
  • Cross-Datacenter Replication (XDR) running in Aerospike Server version 5.0 or newer can only connect to XDR destination clusters running versions 4.1 or newer.
  • All nodes must be upgraded to Aerospike Server version or newer prior to upgrading to Aerospike Server version 5.0 or newer.
    • Aerospike Server version 5.0 or newer will not form a cluster with version 4.8 nodes or earlier.
    • When upgrading the Aerospike Server refer to the Special Upgrades documentation.
  • The Aerospike Server will not start if obsolete configuration parameters are set in the Aerospike configuration file (aerospike.conf).
  • ATTENTION: As of Aerospike Server version 4.9, expirations and evictions are disabled by default.

New Features

  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6292] - (EXPRESSIONS) Redesigned predicate expressions, expanding their scope and capabilities.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6272] - (XDR) Added DC namespace context configuration item ‘bin-policy’ to determine which bins to ship.


  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6291] - (LOGGING) Changed warning to detail level on failure to write to storage, and changed ‘out of space’ warning to ticker warning.
    • [AER-6283] - (SINDEX) For namespaces with ‘data-in-memory true’, adjust secondary indexes when records expire or are evicted.
    • [AER-6285] - (QUERY) Use bin IDs instead of names internally for scans and queries with bin selection, to improve performance.
    • [AER-5487] - (STATS) Added ‘device_data_bytes’ statistic for sets.
    • [AER-6282] - (STATS) Removed ‘latency’ info command.
    • [AER-6277] - (UDF) Implemented record.device_size().
    • [AER-6279] - (UDF) Only load records from storage if necessary (speeds up metadata-only read-only UDFs).
    • [AER-6293] - (UDF) Explicitly forbid record UDF policies that were previously ignored.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6280] - (BALANCE) Added service context configuration item ‘stay-quiesced’.
    • [AER-6274] - (MIGRATION) Added namespace context configuration item ‘ignore-migrate-fill-delay’.
    • [AER-6281] - (UDF) Validate a UDF transaction’s durable-delete flag for UDFs that delete the record.
    • [AER-6273] - (XDR) Added DC namespace context configuration item ‘remote-namespace’ to ship a local namespace to a different remote namespace.


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