Aerospike service reload coming anytime soon?

Hello Team,

Many might have faced this issue earlier as well and I would like to highlight it too. As per documentation, there are some sections/params in aerospike.conf file which are fixed/dynamic in nature. As for dynamic ones, aerospike can take care of it in running mode itself.

But options/params like ‘mesh-seed-address-port’ which are fixed, I believe there should be a ‘service aerospike reload’ option available as well which could just reread the config file and apply changes.

Is it currently available?

Thanks in advance!

The ability to reload the config is the same as having dynamic settings, so it seems you’re asking to have more settings available to change after startup. The aerospike team does seem to be working towards this for more settings which is a good feature request in general.

That mesh-seed-address-port setting can already be dynamically updated according to the release notes for

Why are you changing this setting though? That seed nodes are only used to join a cluster on startup, after that the server will automatically keep track of all nodes in the cluster and the setting doesn’t matter. If you’re restarting the server, then you can change anything in the config files anyway so there shouldn’t be an issue with this particular config setting.

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