Aerospike Source Connector - option the get the original record before update

Is there a away to have in the Aerospike Source Connector the original record before update? I’m trying to achieve a before and after within the kafka message.

I am not sure whether there is a ‘build in’ way to achieve this but you can always add an extra ‘touch’ operations prior to any changes (if you are controlling the source initiating the changes) which should then ship the existing record before the changed one… Haven’t thought through the pros/cons other than obviously the extra full transaction (the touch one) and the fact that the metadata would be updated by the touch (ttl and generation and not sure whether those are shipped to kafka).

There may be other ways to achieve this, though.

Thank you for your response. We also considered to save the original record before update in a bin and in this way to have also the previous version in the kafka message. I was interested to know if there is something built in for this.