Aerospike Tools Release 5.0.1 (January 19, 2021)

Aerospike Tools version 5.0.1 was released on January 19, 2021.

  • The ASADM output format has been revised and could break user’s scripts.
  • openssl-1.1.1.g is now statically linked into asbackup, aql, and asvalidation.
  • Aerospike Tools currently supports Python3.5 to Python3.8.
  • The “python3” binary path must now resolve. For example: /usr/bin/env python3. The “python” binary path is no longer used.
  • The Aerospike CDT Validation Tool addresses the following types of CDT issues, which require certain Aerospike Server versions to detect or correct.
    • Order: The CDT bin has elements out of order. Performing operations on Ordered Lists under Aerospike to may have corrupted records. Fixing this problem requires Aerospike Server version 4.5.3 or newer. If also using XDR, before upgrading to Aerospike 4.6.0 or newer, you must run asvalidation .
    • Padding: The bin has garbage bytes after the valid list or map. This issue is resolved in Aerospike Server version 4.6.0 or newer. For Aerospike Server version 4.5.3 or earlier this issue can be fixed by running the asvalidation tool.

New Features

  • [TOOLS-1621] - (ASADM) Create new and improved output format that is more compact, more configurable, and allows for json output.


  • [TOOLS-1557] - (ASADM-HEALTHCHECK) Add check to see if Transparent Huge Pages (THP) is enabled.
  • [TOOLS-1560] - (ASADM-HEALTHCHECK) Remove check rule for “non-recommended-sprigs” for Aerospike Database Enterprise Edition.

Bug Fixes

  • [TOOLS-1587] - (ASADM) Exception is thrown by ‘info xdr’ after removing a DC.
  • [TOOLS-1619] - (ASADM) CollectInfo-Analyzer displays show config xdr table too many times.
  • [TOOLS-1622] - (ASADM) The “for” modifier does not work on some commands.
  • [TOOLS-1586] - (ASADM-HEALTHCHECK) Most health checks are not running.
  • [TOOLS-1627] - (ASADM-LOG-ANALYZER) Histogram command -f option returns silently without parsing.


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