Aerospike usage per core

Hi, I was wondering how could I check the load of Aerospike per core? I’m seeing a high load average within the top command, and I want to make sure it is not using only one core of the instance.


With top open you can press “1”.

Also the sar command can provide trend information.

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Thank you very much for the reply.

Yes I knew that pressing one you can split top list per core, but I don’t understand how to read the load of each CPU, and also it doesn’t tell me which is the direct impact of ASD process on each one of them.

Didn’t know that sar command, does this tell me the load per core for a particular process?


I’m not aware of a utility that will break it down this way. There are some promising ways to estimate per cpu utilization for a process described here: How to calculate the CPU usage of a process by PID in Linux from C? - Stack Overflow