Aggregation udf in nodejs return unsupported feature)

Hello, in nodejs client, I’m receving the error detailed below when run this query apply udf with the where predicate. If I don’t set where, the query run perfectly, but I need filter by mapkey. The lua works, because in Php client work fine What I’m doing wrong? thanks

var query = client.query(defaultNamespace, defaultSet);
              query.where([   predexp.stringValue('1548237852249'),
query.apply('agrega', 'sum', ['segszeo'],  (error, job) => {
	 console.log('post agrega');
  if (!error) {
  } else { 
	 console.error('error: %s [%d]\n%s', error.message, error.code, error.stack)

return this code

error:  { AerospikeError: Sometimes our doc, or our customers' wishes, get ahead of us. We may have processed something that the server is not ready for (unsupported feature).
    at Function.fromASError (/home/
    at QueryApplyCommand.convertError (/home/sunp/public_html/syncdmp/api/node_modules/aerospike/lib/commands/command.js:91:27)
    at QueryApplyCommand.convertResponse (/home/sunp/public_html/syncdmp/api/node_modules/aerospike/lib/commands/command.js:101:24)
    at asCallback (/home/sunp/public_html/syncdmp/api/node_modules/aerospike/lib/commands/command.js:163:24)

Hi @info2000,

Unfortunately, at present you cannot apply predicate filters to aggregation queries:


  • For server versions 3.12 through 4.6, predicate filters are not applied to aggregation, batch, read, write, delete, or record UDF transactions.
  • For server versions 4.7 and later, predicate filters are not applied to aggregation transactions.


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