Archived NoSQL Webinar: “Exposing Differentiation: A New Era of Scalable Infrastructure Arrives” (Aired Live on May 11, 2016)

Businesses try to stand out from the crowd, but they often end up doing the same things as everyone else. Exposing and bringing to market an innovative differentiation – without too many technical challenges – can be the key. The most forward-looking organizations are coding business logic using the fastest, most agile and scalable technologies available today.

Register for this special edition of Hot Technologies to learn from Data Scientist Dez Blanchfield, and Chief Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor, as they explain how a nexus of innovations has fundamentally transformed what’s possible. They’ll be briefed by Brian Bulkowski of Aerospike, who will discuss how leading companies are transforming their infrastructure so they can meet the new demands of customized digital experiences, fraud prevention, risk analysis, and other transformative application and data uses. Reserve your seat here!

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