Asbackup with priority = 0 halts my node

When I start backup via asbackup utility all my others scan working very slow. Have I any way to speed up my scan? (except high priority for scans an low priority for backup)

Hi Max, unfortunately this is expected. The backup is also using scan and in default configuration will hit up to 10 nodes concurrently. Even for scans that are not backups we document that they are very intense use of the database and we recommend that they are carried out at times of lower usage.

Scans were reworked in 3.6.x and so there are a few levers that can be used to tune them up. These and our caveats around scan are documented here:

The best advice would be to time backups so that they do not coincide with other scans.

… got it, thanks!

Happy to help. After replying I did some further research into scans and in 3.6.x and higher they are handled in a completely different way. If you’re using scans heavily I would suggest checking out version 3.6.4 and seeing if it is a better fit for your environment.