Asbench use for max-write-cache breaching for a specific period

I am using the asbench tool to test my 3 node aerospike cluster with community edition. I am able to breach my max-write-cache for testing now. which parameter on asbench should i focus on to breach max-write-cache continously for 200 secs.

My configuration

max-write-cache = 64M

write-block-size =128K

CPU = 2 core

Device = Nvme

command I am using

asbench -h -p 3000 -n test -k 1000000 -o B65537 -w RU,1 -a -W2 -c3200 -t 20 -g 75000

You will find the workload options of asbench explained in the doc here. The -t parameter governs the time duration of the test, and you should set it to however long you want the test to run.

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