ASINFO - throughput command

We are using the throughput command as of Aerospike 5.0, we upgraded recently to Aerospike 5.3 and saw it is no longer available, but a new command latencies:

In the example below, read transactions took place during the time interval at a rate of 10 per second, but no read transactions took longer than 1 msec, the first latency threshold.

asinfo -v 'latencies:hist={test}-read'

And in the old throughput command: {XXX}-read:15:15:04-GMT,ops/sec;15:15:14,0.0

we Have the 0.0. Where can I find this value? Its important for us to know when transactions are no longer in read/write

I don’t understand what you’re asking? What are you looking for? If you’re looking for ops/s its the first value. 10 per second.

Exactly, looking of the threshold, as it was with throughput:


So its exactly the same, the value is the first column(10 per sec), and is it average or the current?

The details should be on the info reference manual under the latencies command.

Return value is in the following format: histogramName_0:timeUnit,ops/sec,threshold_0,threshold_1,...;histogramName_1:...

The throughput would be the throughput averaged over the ticker-interval period I believe (which is 10 seconds per default).

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