How to measure the read/write requests response time in ms

by Akram » Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:39 am


We started recently to use Aerospike Community edition. And I was looking for any counter or tool that measures the read/write requests average response time in milliseconds but I couldn’t find any thing useful.

I checked all the node/namespace statistics at the AMC (Aerospike Managment Consule) but no counter was useful for this also.

please advice?


Hi Akram,

Aerospike provides several ways to access latency data. There is also the command line utilities: asmonitor, and asloglatency.

At the asmonitor prompt simply run latency.

If you need to know the performance of the system at some point in the past you can use the asloglatency tool. Aerospike periodically (10 seconds by default) prints latency histogram stats to the log.

The following command will show the reads latency starting 12 hours ago and analyze the following hour of data:

asloglatency -h reads -f 12:00:00 -d 2:00:00 -e 1 -n 8

Where: The -e 1 and -n 8 are not required but I prefer the output with those options.

If you wanted to see the latency of the current write transactions, use the following command:

asloglatency -h writes_master -e 1 -n 8

Both of these commands assumes your logs are at /var/log/aerospike/aerospike.log. If your logs are in a different location, you will need to pass that location with the command:

asloglatency -l PATH/TO/LOG -h writes_master -e 1 -n 8

Hi Akram,

Please also note that we currently do not have statistics for overall average response time. We provide the histogram details as explained above, which can be configured based on your needs.