Asmonitor showing records are written only some of the nodes


i triggered the following command latency -k writes

out of 30 nodes only 6 boxes ops/sec >0 .

In case of reads also same issue some node has more reads/sec compared to other

and in console objects are increasing in all boxes .

yesterday we added new nodes and some nodes went down from that time we are facing issues .

I think having load on only few nodes may cause node going down

could you please update on this


Which client version are you using to write data?

Is your client able to connect to all nodes?

Are you seeing proxies on your cluster?


we are using 3.6.3 version. yes i am able to connect to all nodes

what is mean by proxies ??


3.6.3 is known to be unstable when nodes are added/removed. You need to upgrade to the latest server version.