Asynchronous API from java

I would like to understand the working of asynchronous JAVA API.

Let us say in my eventLoop I have 600 requests and if i have one node Aerospike cluster, API by default maintain 300 connections to the host. Does each connection from client ton Aerospike server takes multiple commands at a time? or each connection takes the commands in synchronous fashion (After servicing each request another request is sent on same connection)?

You will likely get a more timely response if you raise this through

Each request to a single node takes exactly one connection from one of the node’s connection pools (one async connection pool per node/event loop combination). When the request is completed, it returns the connection to the pool. The connection pools are stack based (LIFO).

Allowing 600 requests on the event loop directed to the same node configured for 300 maxConnsPerNode will result in a ResultCode.NO_MORE_CONNECTIONS error.

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