Can define TTL for storage on each one of device?

For the storage-engine device is there any way can reach Hybrid storage model for different storage method based on the TTL(time-to-live): For example: TTL<10 days storage on RAM 10 days < TTL < 20 days storage on SSD 20 days < TTL < 30 days storage on HDD

storage-engine device { device /dev/sdb write-block-size 128K default-ttl 30d replication-factor 2 memory-size 4G #default default-ttl 30d p artition-tree-sprigs 256 }

Refer to @How to modify ttl using UDF

No, there isn’t a way to configure this. If you know the type of records that would fall in each category, you could configure multiple namespace with these storage modes.

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