Can I develop my own outbound connectors?


I want to use the change notification feature to import the database changes to my private system directly. I don’t want to deploy extra message subsystem such as kafaka or JMS.

Is that possible to develop my own outbound connector based on change notification feature?

If it’s possible, How to?


It is not possible to build your own outbound connector based on the change notification framework. Although XDR and connectors use the same underlying change notification framework, it is an internal mechanism and not available for external developers to build their own connectors. So at this point, you will have to use one of the supported connectors to receive outbound change notifications.

Thanks for the explaining!

Can Aerospike consider to develop and release SDK of outbound connector? Then external users can write their own connectors without exposing internal mechanism.

Current connectors require messaging-system as a pipeline to user application, but the messaging-system will increase total latency and needs additional resources, also needs additional deployment/maintenance/engineering work, this is difficult for legacy system. Instead, we can resolve these issues if we can develop our own connector.

I believe this is something that will be considered.

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