Chronological Backup


Is there any feature of asbackup to make a chronological backup of namespace without to delete old backups? Maybe compressing the last backup? If no, could you suggest me any solutions to make backup compressing the last one?


Ability to do incremental backups is in our roadmap as a feature request.

As for compressing a backup file, hopefully the following helps:

From our asbackup documentation [1]: When run with the --directory option, asbackup creates multiple .asb backup files in the given directory. The backup consists of all created files. Alternatively, --output-file makes asbackup store the complete backup in the given single file. If - is specified as the file, asbackup writes the backup to stdout. This allows for pipelines:

asbackup --output-file - [...] | gzip -1 [...] >backup.asb.gz



Incremental Backup

Starting from Server and Tools version 3.12, timestamp can be specified when initiating a backup to indicate the time-period of interest. Only records whose last-update-time satisfies the specified criteria (before time T1 and/or after time T2) will be backed up. An operational routine can be established to do incremental daily backups. Use the --modified-after option.

–modified-after <YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS> - Backup data with last-update-time after the specified date-time. The system’s local timezone applies. Available in Server 3.12 and above.

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