Client error code 174

I am getting some error while fetching data from Aerospike, the error code is in undocumented range, eg: error 187, 174 error result ErrorWithException [code=500, message=Error Code 187: , className=com.aerospike.client.AerospikeException, stackTrace=\ncom.aerospike.client.AerospikeException: Error Code 187: \n\tat com.aerospike.client.command.ReadCommand.parseResult(\n\tat com.aerospike.client.command.SyncCommand.execute(\

I have looked through java aerospike-client project but I couldn’t find any place where the error code is set in message header: seems like the data stored in aerospike is having problem itself which leads to this.

Is there any explanation for these strange error codes?

That’s a new one for me. Are you printing the message with the stack trace? Also which version of client and server are you using

Hi Albot, Thank for your replying. I am using client 3.1.7 and aerospike 3.8.x

So nothing in the exception message? What about aerospike server logs? Additionally we can try subscribing to the aerospike log to see if that shows anything

Neither 174 nor 187 are error codes that are generated by the server (see below). So agree with @Albot that some server log will help.

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