Codedump for calling as_record_destroy


Hi , I got a problem about coredump whit calling as_record_destory function in valgrind tool.

as follow: coredump code in utility-library aerospike-client

==4060== Address 0x97a11f4 is 4 bytes inside a block of size 216 free’d ==4060== at 0x4C29577: free (in /usr/lib64/valgrind/ ==4060== by 0x5AF96F4: as_val_val_destroy (as_val.c:162)

please help!


A bit more detail may help, such as valgrind run with tracking turned on, or original source code. Also, our C examples will have good patterns explaining the contracts of the API, on when a value needs to be explicitly destroyed, and when a value is still valid.