Composit Key


Dear Team,

Can aerospike support composite key like Apache Cassandra?

Thanks Sumit Thakur


Not a key made out of two values in two separate columns - you have to concatenate the two into one string yourself and then use this composite string key as your key for the record.

For example: state:id as: “CA:351” , “CA:452”, “NY:455” … etc


Thanks, Piyush,

Can I make read query with " CA:* " to fetch all records started with key “CA:” like (“CA:351”, “CA:452”)?


I don’t think so unless you store the id as a bin separately in the record and then build a secondary index on id.

| Key |  id  | .....
| CA:452| 452 |  ....


Thanks, Piyush for the reply.