Configuration file for aerospike cluster

Hi , I am new to Aerospike. I was having trouble regarding the config file of aerospike which is located in /etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf. I have a cluster which is running using 2 different nodes. What if i make changes to config file in one of the node and leave the other config file which is present on other node as it is. Do i have to restart the whole cluster in this case with same config file present in every node?


Dynamic configuration parameters can be set without a restart with either asadm or asinfo.

No, heartbeat will enlist that node as a part of cluster.No need to restart the cluster.

You should have same values in config file across all nodes in cluster(2 nodes for your case). Any changes to these file must require a restart of cluster. Though you can set dynamic parameter too that would take reflect in runtime without restart.(after node restart these setting won’t be in effect)

There are very few parameters that need a full cluster restart. Most of the non-dynamic parameters can be set via a rolling restart of the cluster.

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