Configuration Parameters for Eviction/Deletion



  1. We had about 950 million objects
  2. We have removed the 700 million objects
  3. We’ve got 250 million objects

A day later, the server has been restarted After the restart we got 680-million objects.

Why does this happen?

All configuration information is in the post: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3781



I’ll join this question.

When I use I have to run it a few times to actually delete all the records. My guess is that delete is not atomic and data first deleted from primary only so if there is a migration running in parallel (because of multiple deletes) then data will be partially restored.

Are there configuration parameters to execute this sort of operations consistently or if this is a known bug then when it will be fixed?

Thanks, Maxim


one more

I used the two methods described in the instructions … _data.html. But in the end I get set with the number of objects equal to 0. set itself is not deleted. It is possible to completely remove the set?

Sorry for bad english.


I believe it is related to when the data is flushed into disk: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2926


Record deletes are atomic. Delete-set works on records partition-by-partition, sequentially by partition id on a node, and independently on each node. In the migration case, It is possible that a specific partitionA is migrated to nodeX, after nodeX has already processed passed that partition id. Thus, after cluster migration is finished, a re-issue of the “delete-set” command against all nodes is recommended.


delete-set removes the records associated with a set. The set’s meta data is still retained in memory, until the next process restart.