Couldn't find what cause client_write_error

one node 
replication factor: 1
mode : only memory
version: community 

our client_write_error is growing from time to time , but fail_xxxx are all zero

[root@AMZ]#  asadm --single_node_cluster -e "show statistics namespace" |grep 'fail'
fail_generation                       :   0                                                
fail_key_busy                         :   0                                                
fail_record_too_big                   :   0                                                
fail_xdr_forbidden                    :   0                                                
query_fail                            :   0                                                
query_udf_bg_failure                  :   0                                                
[root@AMZ]#  asadm --single_node_cluster -e "show statistics namespace" |grep 'write_error'
client_write_error                    :   8707775379                                       
xdr_write_error                       :   0                                                
[root@AMZ]#  asadm --single_node_cluster -e "show statistics namespace" |grep 'write_error'
client_write_error                    :   8707775797                                       
xdr_write_error                       :   0         

how to identify what cause the write error ,I had try to set ‘rw-client=INFO’ ,but there is no error in log .

Not all errors have an individual stat and many common ‘errors’ do not log a warning at all (e.g. create-only when a record already exists increments this stat but doesn’t have an individual stat or a log warning). Would be hard to know what is causing this error without the error code that was returned to the client.

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thank you very much , I will check the application log to get the return error code

This may help: client_write_error and the article linked from that entry: Understanding Client Write Errors

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Thanks you very much , after read the link , Cause I could not find any error message in server log , I think that our circumstances may be one of the list below , I am going to work with develop team to find more detail information from client return code.

Thank you for your guidance and support

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