Creating facts on Aerospike / Loading data from HBase into Aerospike


Is it a good idea to move facts to aerospike from hbase on a daily basis so that queries are faster when compared with impala/hbase? If so, then could you please post an example to load data from HBase to Aerospike?


Hi, We don’t have any comparison for performance of query between Aerospike and Hbase. Still you can try loading your data into Aerospike using the following procedure:

  • 1 - Dump your Hbase data into CSV format.
  • 2 - Use Aerospike-loader to import data into Aerospike.


There is no API where in i can load directly into aerospike from HBase?


Sorry to say there is no direct API/connector to transfer data from Hbase to Aerospike. The only way is to dump into CSV format and use Aerospike-loader to load into Aerospike.


Ok. I was thinking to move facts and big tables to aerospike to improve performance. But it appears like we have to either load data into hdfs and then move to aerospike. I hope we have connectivity from hdfs to aerospike.


Can you give more details on the workflow you envision? As regular batch dump from HBase? Real-time update? What API is most natural?


If you can access your HBase data via MapReduce (which you should), the Aerospike Hadoop connector should help you move data via a simple pass-through MR job to Aerospike.