Data issues after adding a new node

I started off with new node and added a new node in the same manner as the first node. I also copied the exact same aerospike.conf file from the first node.

Now when I connect from the client I get only partial records, for eg: Connecting to node 1 on port 3000 I get one record and connecting directly to node 2 I get two records. I have total of 3 records. Not sure why I am not getting all the records now??

Also, how do I check the state of all the machines and how many nodes are there in the cluster??

You can you asadm to see info about your cluster:

Admin> info

Are you using batch reads? If so please see the first bullet in batch limitations. After you added nodes data began to migrate and until those migrations are complete, batch will not return all of the results.

The upcoming Aerospike 3.6.x will introduce a new batch which doesn’t share this limitation.