Db migration framework for aerospike



Does aerospike has any DB migrations framework like liquibase in MySQl. I want it to put some data in DB.

Use case: I have one set in which I want to add/modify records. This data will be added on incremental basis.


What are you trying to do?

Aerospike is a key/value store without a predefined schema (other than namespaces) so there’s nothing to really “migrate”. Just add/modify your data through the clients as you have changes. You can batch them into multiple operations on a single key.

If you want to transform the existing data, there are Record and Stream UDFs that be written with Lua that can do whatever you want to the records on the server.



I don’t want to update schema (as it doesn’t have one) but I want to add data on incremental basis. Reason why I want to do is that this set will only have 50-100 records but it may increase. I don’t want to manually run the command every time new data is added. As usually an app goes via various stages like dev, alpha, beta, prod, I don’t want to run these commands manually everytime.

I will look into UDFs. It may solve the purpose.